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Wychwood Festival 2022

2022 Festival Website

After missing the festival for 2 years (Covid …and more Covid) I’m so glad it is back for 2022! Considered to be one of the best family friendly festivals in the UK; with a wide range of music, comedy, literature and workshops over 3 days.

Wychwood Festival website.
Family Links website home – mobile view.

The festival website was rebuilt with a new visually stunning design and optimised to operate at its best on a wide range of devices – particularly mobile phones. Statistics gathered on users visiting the website now indicate that over 75% of users are viewing the site on a handheld device with smaller screen sizes. That high percentage of mobile traffic is, very much, down to the fact that the website was developed to operate well on mobile devices.

Users who have a good exerience using a site on their mobile phone, will come back again and again.

The home page was enhanced with presentation animations and those have been optimised to make good use of the user device’s GPU to assure the animations are smooth and don’t overwork the user device’s main thread and CPU, which can result in a laggy, stuttered response from the page interface and, more crucially, result in a poor user experience.

Wychwood Festival website. Wychwood Festival website.

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Wychwood Festival 2022 – in mobile view

Have a play with the live and interactive view below or go straight to the Wychwood Festival 2022 website.